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Competitive Neutrality

About Competitive Neutrality

The objective of Victoria’s Competitive Neutrality Policy is to ensure that significant government businesses compete fairly in the market.

The Competitive Neutrality Policy (the CN Policy) sets out the Victorian Government's approach to competitive neutrality. The CN Policy requires Government entities to apply competitive neutrality principles where appropriate. The purpose of these principles is to account for advantages arising solely from public ownership.

The CN Policy states that it is appropriate to apply competitive neutrality principles when:

  • the business activity is significant;
  • the benefits outweigh the costs; and
  • it does not compromise other government objectives.

The Commissioner considers CN complaints made about government-owned business activities. The Office of the Commissioner for Better Regulation (OCBR) supports the Commissioner in this capacity.

Information for government

In regard to competitive neutrality, the key requirements for departments, agencies and local governments are to:

  • determine which of their activities are significant businesses and therefore subject to relevant CN Policy;
  • consider the costs and benefits of implementing CN Policy;
  • consider whether there is a public interest reason not to implement the Policy;
  • document the significant business, costing and other relevant analysis and conclusions; and
  • implement CN Policy, if appropriate.

How does government apply CN?

Competitive neutrality concerns and complaints

Where a private business, or other affected party, considers a government entity has not correctly applied the CN Policy, they can:

  • in the first instance, discuss the concern with the relevant agency;
  • contact the secretariat to discuss whether the issue might be in scope of the CN Policy; and
  • consider making a formal complaint.

How can I make a complaint?

For competitive neutrality enquiries, please contact:

Max Keldoulis
Phone: 03 9092 5802
Email: max.keldoulis@betterreg.vic.gov.au
Or alternatively: cn@betterreg.vic.gov.au