Competitive Neutrality Guidance

Competitive Neutrality Policy statement and related documentation.

Competitive Neutrality Policy

The Victorian Government's Competitive Neutrality Policy (the CN Policy) defines the scope and application of competitive neutrality to government-owned business activities, linked below.

Competitive Neutrality Policy 2012 (PDF 338kb)

Additional guidance

A practical guide to applying CN Policy:

Competitive Neutrality Guide to Implementation (PDF 1016kb)

The Office of the Commissioner for Better Regulation (OCBR) has developed guidance to supplement the CN Policy and Guide to Implementation.

  • How to identify a 'significant business activity' for CN purposes: PDF (PDF 1015kb) or Word (DOCX 67kb)
  • A guidance note on when and how to use cost allocation methodologies is also available. The guidance note covers calculating fully cost reflective prices. It includes worked examples of fully distributed and avoidable cost methodologies: PDF (PDF 984kb) or Word (DOCX 50kb)
  • The Commissioner has responsibilities under the CN Policy and instruments of appointment. Protocols clarifying how the Commissioner and OCBR will implement them have also been developed: PDF (PDF 137kb) or Word (DOCX 122kb)