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Australian Grands Prix (Formula One) Regulations 2016

  (PDF 436kb)    (DOCX 158kb)

(PDF 124kb) 

(PDF 620kb)
(DOCX 91kb)

Building Regulations 2017 (PDF 141kb)
Part A (PDF 1.24mb)
Part B (PDF 1.9mb)
Part C (PDF 285kb) 
  (PDF 289kb)   (PDF 2.52mb)
Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Regulations 2017   (PDF 801kb)   (PDF 239kb) (PDF 917kb) 
Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017  (PDF 2.03mb)
(DOCX 726kb) 
(PDF 102kb)   
environment protection (scheduled premises) regulations 2017 (PDF 2.4mb) (PDF 204kb)  
F-Factor Incentive Scheme RIS (PDF 2.05mb)
(DOCX 8.1mb)
(PDF 103kb)                 
 Livestock Disease Control Regulations 2017 (PDF 4.29mb)    (PDF 181kb)

  (PDF 383kb)    (DOCX 235kb)

Pipelines Regulations 2017  (PDF 1.2mb)
(DOCX 2.19mb) 
(PDF 249kb)  (DOCX 95kb)