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births, deaths and marriages registration (fees) regulations 2005 (PDF 270kb)    
building regulations 2006 (PDF 1.06mb)   (PDF 858kb) 
charities regulations 2005 (PDF 387kb)     
corrections (police gaols) regulations 2006 (PDF 688kb)     
cruelty to animals (domestic fowl) regulations 2006 (PDF 584kb)   (PDF 138kb) 
domestic (feral and nuisance) animals regulations 2005 (PDF 298kb)     
drugs, poisons and controlled substances regulations 2006 (PDF 922kb)   (PDF 465kb)
environment protection (ships' ballast water) regulations 2006 (PDF 465kb)     
estate agents (retirement villages) regulations     (PDF 120kb) 
fisheries (aquaculture fees and levies) regulations 2005 (PDF 624kb)    
fisheries (fees, levies and miscellaneous) regulations 2006 (PDF 821kb)    
gambling regulations (commercial raffle organisers) regulations 2006 (PDF 875kb)    
geothermal energy resources regulations 2006 (PDF 266kb)     
marine (personal flotation devices and other safety equipment) regulations 2005 (PDF 337kb)    
metropolitan fire brigade (general) regulations 2005 (PDF 496kb)     
national parks (cape howe marine national park) regulations 2006 (PDF 3.02mb)    
non-emergency patient transport services regulations 2005 (PDF 2.07mb)    
planning and environment (fees)(further amendment) regulations 2006 (PDF 197kb)   (PDF 119kb) 
plant health and plant products regulations 2006 (PDF 316kb)     
plumbing (heat pumps amendment) regulations 2006 (PDF 216kb)    
prevention of cruelty to animals (amendment) regulations 2005 (PDF 277kb)     
prostitution control regulations 2006 (PDF 495kb)    
rail safety (general) regulations 2006 (PDF 499kb)    (PDF 153kb) 
retirement villages (contractual arrangements) and estate agents (retirement villages) regulations 2006 (PDF 373kb)    (PDF 140kb)
Sustainable forests (timber harvesting) regulations 2006 (PDF 708kb)    
transfer of land (fees) (amendment) regulations 2006 (PDF 91kb)   (PDF 115kb)
transport (ticketing) regulations 2005 (PDF 212kb)    (PDF 98kb) 
transport (tow truck) regulations 2005 (PDF 1.66mb)     
working with children regulations 2006 (PDF 423kb)