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Adoption regulations 2008 (PDF 123kb)    (PDF 759kb)
Birth, Deaths and Marriages Registration regulations 2008 (PDF 393kb)   (PDF 161kb)
conveyancing regulations 2007 (PDF 1.45mb)     
environment and resource efficiency plan regulations 2007 (PDF 3.78mb)
(PDF 797kb)
  (PDF 181kb)
environment protection (residential noise) regulations 2008 (PDF 941kb)   (PDF 528kb)
firearms regulations 2008 (PDF 461kb)   (PDF 602kb)
fisheries (fees, royalties and levies) regulations 2008 (PDF 748kb)     
fisheries regulations 2008 (PDF 2.9mb)    (PDF 1.33mb)
guardianship and administration (fees) regulations 2008 (PDF 528kb)    
legal profession (admission) rules 2008 (PDF 944kb)    
legal profession (practicing certificate fees) regulations 2007 (PDF 1.52mb) (PDF 63kb) (PDF 103kb)
liquor control reform (prescribed class of premises) regulations 2007 (PDF 228kb) (PDF 667kb) (PDF 105kb)
liquor control reform (security cameras) (amendment) regulations 2007 (PDF 1.87mb)    
mineral resources development (amendment) regulations 2007 (PDF 731kb)    
owners corporations regulations 2007 (PDF 1.22mb)     
plumbing regulations 2008 (PDF 823kb)   (PDF 315kb)
professional boxing and combat sports regulations 2008 (PDF 392kb) (PDF 127kb)  
radiation regulations 2007 (PDF 496kb)     
road safety (young drivers) Regulations 2007 (PDF 470kb) (PDF 250kb) (PDF 182kb)
(PDF 137kb)
(PDF 133kb)
secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers regulations 2008 (PDF 359kb)   (PDF 202kb)
(PDF 142kb)
supreme court (sheriff fees) regulations 2008 (PDF 961kb)    
tobacco regulations 2007 (PDF 816kb)    
transfer of land (Fees) (further amendment) regulations 2007 (PDF 484kb) (PDF 65kb)  
transport (conduct) (amendment) regulations 2008 (PDF 486kb)   (PDF 42kb)
transport (passenger vehicles) (miscellaneous amendment) regulations 2008 (PDF 279kb)    (PDF 9kb)
transport (taxi-cab industry accreditation) regulations 2007 (PDF 642kb)
(PDF 53kb)
(PDF 534kb)
transport (taxi-cabs) (amendment) regulations 2008 (PDF 693kb)   (PDF 14kb)
 travel agents regulations 2007 (PDF 1.34mb)    (PDF 193kb)