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accident towing services regulations 2008 (PDF 518kb)

building (amendment) regulations 2009 (PDF 296kb)   (PDF 176kb) 
chattel securities (registration) regulations 2008 (PDF 678kb)    
children's services regulations 2008 (PDF 1.71mb)    
children's services (further amendment) regulations 2008 (PDF 810kb)   (PDF 548kb)
co-operatives regulations 2008 (PDF 1.51mb)    
corrections regulations 2009 (PDF 1.78mb) (PDF 114kb) (PDF 333kb)
education and training reform amendment (age requirements) regulations 2008 (PDF 686kb)   (PDF 221kb)
electricity safety (equipment efficiency) regulations 2009 (PDF 566kb)    
electricity safety (equipment) regulations 2009 (PDF 527kb)    
electricity safety (stray current corrosion) regulations 2009 (PDF 1.94mb)    
environment protection (industrial waste resource) regulations 2009 (PDF 2.36mb)    
freedom of information regulations 2009 (PDF 400kb)   (PDF 31kb)
gas safety (gas installation) regulations 2008 (PDF 988kb) (PDF 134kb)  
gas safety (Safety case) regulations 2008 (PDF 455kb)    
health (prescribed health accommodation) regulations 2008 (PDF 341kb)    
liquor licensing (fees) regulations 2008 (PDF 862kb)    
motor car traders Regulations 2008 (PDF 1.12mb)    
police regulations (agency photographs fees) regulations 2009 (PDF 437kb)    
prevention of cruelty to animals regulations 2008 (PDF 1.31mb)   (PDF 332kb)
radiation amendment (tanning units and fees) regulations 2008 (PDF 500kb)    
retirement villages (contractual arrangements) amendment (formula) regulations 2008 (PDF 140kb)    
road safety (drivers) regulations 2009 (PDF 2.91mb)    (PDF 780kb) 
road safety (vehicles) Regulations 2009 (PDF 3.27mb)    (PDF 2.18mb) 
road safety (Vehicles) Amendment (electronic stability control) regulations 2009 (PDF 2.13mb)    
supreme court (fees) regulations 2008 (PDF 1.06mb)    
victorian energy efficiency target regulations 2008 (PDF 1mb)   (PDF 327kb) 
water (resource management) regulations (amendment) 2009 (PDF 509kb)   (PDF 524kb)