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dangerous goods (Explosives) regulations 2011 (PDF 1.65mb) (PDF 464kb)  
Electricity safety amendment (Bushfire mitigation) Regulations 2011 (PDF 1.03mb)    
gambling regulation amendment (bookmaking related registration fees) Regulations 2010 (PDF 856kb)    
petroleum regulations 2011 (PDF 494kb)    
Port Services (Port of Melbourne Safety and Other Matters) Regulations 2010 (PDF 925kb) (PDF 450kb) (PDF 342kb) 
Subordinate Legislation (Legislative Instruments) regulations 2011 (PDF 792kb)  (PDF 822kb)   
Tour Operator Licence Fee Regulations 2011 (PDF 2.17mb) (PDF 325kb)  
Victorian Energy Efficiency target Amendment (Scheme Target) Regulations 2011 (PDF 494kb)
(PDF 455kb)
(PDF 516kb)
(PDF 945kb)  
Water (Subdivisional Easements and Reserves) Regulations 2011 (PDF 505kb)
(PDF 284kb)