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Accident compensation Regulations 2012 (PDF 1mb) (PDF 46kb)   
Cancer reporting regulations 2012 (PDF 605kb)
(PDF 605kb)
(PDF 315kb)
(PDF 179kb)
control of weapons regulations 2011 (PDF 881kb) (PDF 639kb)  
environment protection (Fees) Regulations 2012 (PDF 2.21mb) (PDF 418kb)  
Health records Regulations 2012 (DOC 362kb)
(PDF 722kb) 
(PDF 288kb)   
Legal profession (Practicing certificate fees) regulations 2012 (PDF 458kb) (PDF 300kb)  (PDF 532kb)
local government (long service leave) Regulations 2012 (PDF 418kb) (PDF 407kb)   
marine safety Regulations 2011 (PDF 3.43mb) (PDF 872kb)   
residential tenancies (rooming house standards) Regulations 2011 (PDF 1.29mb)  (PDF 728kb)   
subdivision (Registrar's Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 (PDF 512kb)
(PDF 447kb)
supported residential services (Private proprietors) Regulations 2011 (PDF 1.53mb) (PDF 39kb)  
valuation of land (General and Supplementary Valuation) amendment Regulations 2012 (PDF 462kb) (PDF 619kb)