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Associations incorporation reform regulations 2012 (PDF 1000kb)
(DOCX 2.34mb) 
(PDF 337kb)   
building amendment (Bushfire construction) Regulations 2012 (PDF 2.47mb)
(PDF 469kb)

Code Of Practice for the operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses  (DOC 330kb)     
dangerous goods (Storage and handling) Regulations 2012 (PDF 2.32mb)    
education and training reform act 2006 - Schedule of teacher registration fees 2012 (PDF 1.17mb)  (PDF 358kb)   
education and training reform act 2006 - ministerial fees order 2012 (PDF 1.27mb) (PDF 442kb)  
Electricity Safety (Bushfire Mitigation) Regulations 2013  (PDF 1.9mb)    
Fisheries (Fees, Royalties and Levies) Further Amendment Regulations 2013  (PDF 1.73mb)   (DOC 3.41mb) 
magistrates' court (Fees) and Juries (fees) Regulations 2012 (PDF 1.6mb) (PDF 442kb)   
recreational areas model by-law 2012 (PDF 955kb)     
retail leases regulations 2013 (DOC 1.55mb)
(PDF 1.14mb) 
(PDF 279kb) (DOC 271kb)
(PDF 406kb) 
Retirement Villages Amendment (Records and Notices) Regulations 2013 and Retirement Villages Amendment (Contractual Arrangements) Regulations 2013  (PDF 8.02mb)     
safe driving program fee 2012 (DOCX 671kb) (PDF 366kb)   
Supervision Charge on Gaming Venue Operators  (PDF 754kb)
(DOCX 1004kb) 
supreme court (fees) and county Court (fees) regulations 2012 (PDF 1.46mb)  (PDF 330kb) (PDF 577kb)
(PDF 560kb) 
victorian civil and administrative tribunal (Fees) regulations 2013 (PDF 785kb) (PDF 299kb)   
wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012 (PDF 1.21mb) (PDF 365kb)  
wildlife Regulations 2012 (PDF 1.18mb) (PDF 316kb)   
working with children amendment (Fees) Regulations 2012 (PDF 465kb) (PDF 293kb)