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Environment Protection (Vehicle Emissions) Regulations 2013  (PDF 3.57mb) (PDF 325kb)   
Forests (Fire Protection) Regulations 2014  (PDF 774kb)    
Health Services (Private Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres) Regulations 2013 (PDF 1.07mb) (PDF 1.01mb) (PDF 688kb)
Local government (planning and reporting) regulations 2014 (PDF 832kb)
(DOCX 624kb)
(PDF 34kb) (PDF 315kb)
(DOCX 135kb)
mineral resources (sustainable development) (extractive Industries) amendment regulations 2014 (PDF 1.1mb)
(DOC 1.66mb)
(PDF 581kb)
(DOC 195kb)
(DOC 176kb)
Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (mineral Industries) regulations 2013  (PDF 1.27mb)
(DOC 1.42mb)
(PDF 386kb) (PDF 916kb)
(DOC 500kb)
owners corporation amendment regulations 2014 (DOC 2.03mb)
police regulation (fees and charges) regulations 2013 (PDF 405kb)
(DOCX 195kb)
sex work (fees) regulations 2014 (PDF 919kb)     
southern metropolitan cemeteries trust fees (PDF 578kb)    
Spinal Impairment guides modification document (PDF 2.7mb)
(DOCX 4.14mb)
(PDF 75kb)  
supreme court (fees) regulations 2014 (PDF 1.95mb)
(DOC 2.35mb)
(PDF 361kb)  
Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 — Declaration of Taxi Zones (PDF 3mb)  
Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 - Implied Conditions - Taxi Driver Agreements  (PDF 902kb)
(DOC 1.67mb)
(PDF 503kb)  
Water (estimation, supply and sewerage) regulations 2014 (PDF 1.2mb)