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Country fire authority regulations 2014

(PDF 1.27mb)

Crime Statistics (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2015 (PDF 832kb)
(DOC 231kb)
(PDF 49kb) (PDF 66kb)
Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2015 (PDF 1.36mb)  
Gambling regulations 2015 (PDF 650kb)
(DOC 2.88mb)
  (PDF 467kb)
(DOC 562kb) 

Port management (Local ports) Regulations 2015

(PDF 2.56mb)
(DOCX 2.37mb) 
  (PDF 151kb) 
road management (works and infrastructure) regulations 2015 (DOCX 790kb)    
Safe drinking water regulations 2015 (PDF 1.88mb)
(DOCX 680kb)
(PDF 64kb) (PDF 44kb) 
Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (PDF 290kb)    
Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Bunurong Memorial Park (PDF 299kb)    
Storage of Waste tyres  (Scheduled premises and exemptions), (Industrial waste resource) and (fees) amendment Regulations 2014 (PDF 1.05mb) (PDF 74kb)  
Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) (Conduct on Public Transport) Regulations 2015 (PDF 874kb) (PDF 56kb) (PDF 185kb)
Wildlife (State Game Reserves) Regulations 2014 (PDF 678kb) (PDF 655kb) (PDF 644kb)