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electricity safety (bushfire mitigation) (further amendment) regulations 2015 (PDF 1.88mb)
(PDF 206kb)
(DOCX 77kb)
(DOCX 69kb)
(PDF 112kb)
fisheries and fisheries (fees royalties and levies) amendment (recreational fishery licence) regulations 2016 (PDF 1.43mb)
(DOCX 775kb) 
(PDF 118kb)  
Geelong Cemeteries Trust Fee Review (PDF 345kb)    
Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust 2015 (PDF 800kb) (PDF 104kb)   
Infringements regulations 2016 (PDF 3.01mb) (PDF 61kb)  (PDF 912kb)
Land Tax Regulations 2015 (PDF 317kb)
(DOCX 292kb)
(PDF 52kb)
(DOCX 8.04mb) 
(PDF 517kb)
(DOCX 54kb)
Local Government (General) Regulations 2015 (DOCX 813kb)  (PDF 56kb)
(DOCX 33kb)
(PDF 573kb)
(DOCX 34kb)
non-emergency patient transport regulations 2016 (PDF 769kb)
(DOCX 342kb)
(PDF 111kb) (PDF 248kb)
(DOCX 103kb) 

planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations 2016 and Subdivision (Fees) Regulations 2016

(PDF 710kb)
(DOC 532kb) 
(PDF 154kb) (DOCX 67kb)
(PDF 205kb)
(PDF 281kb)
(DOCX 54kb)
primesafe fees (pursuant to the meat industry act 1993) (PDF 491kb)
(DOCX 199kb)
(PDF 102kb)   

Private Security Regulations 2016

(PDF 1015kb)  (PDF 99kb) (PDF 662kb) 
public holidays 2015 (PDF 608kb)
(DOCX 387kb)
(PDF 64kb)
(DOCX 185kb)
road management general regulations 2016 (PDF 1.62mb)
(DOCX 772kb) 
(PDF 59kb)  
Road safety (drivers) amendment (driver reward scheme) Regulations 2015 (PDF 381kb)
(DOCX 1.11mb) 
Road Safety (Drivers) and (Vehicles) Amendment (Miscellaneous Fees) Regulations 2015 (PDF 677kb)    (PDF 554kb)
Southern Metropolitan cemeteries trust october 2015 (PDF 323kb)    
Transfer of Land (Fees) regulations 2015 and Subdivision (Registrar's Fees) Regulations 2015  (PDF 1.22mb)
(DOCX 6.62mb) 
(PDF 50kb)  (PDF 568kb)
(PDF 545kb) 

Transport (Buses, Taxi-Cabs and Other Commercial Passenger Vehicles) (Taxi-Cab Industry Accreditation and Other Matters) Regulations 2016

(DOCX 602kb)
(PDF 922kb) 
(PDF 199kb)  (DOCX 126kb)
(PDF 298kb)
VCAT fees regulations 2016 (PDF 6.16mb) (PDF 128kb)  (PDF 980kb) 
working with children regulations 2016 (PDF 674kb)