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Aboriginal Heritage Regulations

(PDF 1.53mb)


  (DOCX 649kb)


(PDF 242kb) (DOCX 84kb)

Child Wellbeing and Safety (Information Sharing) Regulations 2018 

(PDF 868kb)    (PDF 150kb)  
Combustible Recyclable Waste MAterial PIA (PDF 2.09mb)

(DOCX 11.56mb)
(PDF 236kb)
Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Regulations 2018 (PDF 1.27mb)
(DOCX 585kb)
(PDF 229kb)  (PDF 574kb) 
Dangerous Goods (Transport by Road and Rail) Regulations  (PDF 906kb)  (PDF 118kb)  (PDF 858kb) 
Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment (Real-time Prescription Monitoring) Regulations 2018   (PDF 1.07mb) (PDF 155kb)
(PDF 282kb)
Environment Protection (Residential Noise) Regulations 2018 (PDF 964kb)
(DOCX 427kb) 
(PDF 236kb)
(DOCX 178kb) 
Estate Agent (Fees) Regulations 2018

(PDF 1.9mb)

(DOCX 1.11mb) 

Family Violence Protection (Information Sharing) Regulations 2017 (PDF 1.02mb)

(DOCX 974kb)
  (PDF 242kb)  

Family Violence Protection (Information Sharing and Risk Management) Amendment Regulations 2018 

(PDF 1.45mb)    (PDF 248kb)  
Fine Reform Regulations and Infringement Amendment Regulations 2017

(PDF 1.3mb)


  (DOC 2.21mb)


(PDF 235kb)

(PDF 240kb)


  (PDF 96kb)


Firearms Regulations 2018

(PDF 1.45mb)


  (DOCX 378kb)


  (PDF 644kb)
Fisheries (Fees, Royalties and Levies) Regulations 2017 (PDF 1.75mb)  (PDF 237kb)
Housing Determinations RIS (PDF 862kb)

(DOCX 181kb)
(PDF 129kb)   
Lawyers Practising Certificate Fees   (PDF 933kb)   (PDF 241kb)  
Managing e-waste in Victoria PIA   (PDF 6.48mb)   (PDF 5.21mb)  
Motor Car Traders Fees Regulations 2018


  (PDF 729kb)

(DOC 3.44mb)

Plumbing Regulations 2018  (PDF 2.2mb)

(DOCX 1.54mb)
(PDF 315kb)
(PDF 343kb)
Supreme Court Fees Regulations (PDF 1.39mb)
(DOC 818kb) 
(PDF 175kb)
(PDF 396kb)

(DOC 242kb)
State Environment Protection Policy (Waters) PIA (PDF 2.81mb)
(PDF 133kb)
Waste Management Policy (Solid Fuel Heating) PIA (PDF 1.81mb)    (PDF 79kb)  
Water (Resource Management) Regulations 2017
(PDF 1.49mb)

(PDF 230kb)