Anna Cronin is Victoria’s first Commissioner for Better Regulation. In addition to this role, she was also appointed as Red Tape Commissioner in June 2018. This follows the Government's decision to merge the two roles and provide a more distinct focus on red tape reductions as part of Victoria's better regulation agenda.

Under the Commissioner’s leadership, the Office of the Commissioner for Better Regulation (OCBR), including the Red Tape Unit, provides practical advice and support to the Victorian Government on the impacts of regulatory change, especially through the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIS) and Legislative Impact Assessment (LIA) processes.

The OCBR works across Departments and agencies to advise on best practice regulatory design and regulator performance.

We also provide a “one-stop” shop for businesses and not-for-profit organisations with concerns about red tape issues and suggestions for regulatory improvements.


RIS/LIA Training Workshops

Regulatory Impact Assessment training has been completed for 2018. Please contact us for information about further training opportunities in 2019.