Anna Cronin is the Commissioner for Better Regulation and has also been appointed as Red Tape Commissioner – following a decision by the Government to merge the Commissioner roles to provide for a more distinct focus on red tape reductions as part of the better regulation agenda in Victoria.

This dual role enables the Commissioner to advise the Government on a broad range of regulatory reforms, with a clear focus on improving regulation and reducing red tape. As part of this expanded role, Anna is building on the work of the previous Red Tape Commissioner and is continuing to consult with businesses and not-for-profit organisations on red tape issues impacting on their operations. Regional consultation is a clear focus of the Commissioner’s activities.

The staff of the Office of the Commissioner for Better Regulation and the Red Tape Unit work closely together to provide a “one-stop” shop for the businesses and not-for-profit with concerns about regulations and red tape and suggestions about regulation improvements.

The Office of the Commissioner for Better Regulation was established in 2015 and has delivered significant improvements in the way in which the impact of new – and sunsetting – regulations are assessed. This practical focus has supported improvements in regulations and the reduction of regulatory burden as well as prompting the consideration of less prescriptive and more outcomes based regulatory approaches, where they are appropriate. This new approach contributes to the development of a more effective and efficient regulatory environment in Victoria.

The Red Tape Unit supports Anna in her role as the Red Tape Commissioner. The Unit works with businesses and not-for-profit organisations to identify red tape issues and design pathways for improvement. This involves close collaboration with departments and regulators across the Victorian Government.

There are three ways to submit red tape concerns to the Red Tape Unit:

  1. Through the confidential online form
  2. By email to
  3. By phone to 9092 5800

Commissioner’s biography

Anna Cronin is Victoria's first Commissioner for Better Regulation, appointed by the Victorian Government in 2015. She has worked in executive and leadership roles in Federal and State governments.

From June 2018 Anna has undertaken the roles of Victoria's Red Tape Commissioner as well.

Anna graduated from the Australian National University with a BEc (economics, econometrics and pure maths). She started her career as an economist in the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, and (what is now) the Productivity Commission. She has been closely involved in policy development for 25 years from diverse perspectives, including as CEO of the National Farmers’ Federation, as a senior bureaucrat in the Western Australian Government’s State Development department and as Chief of Staff to two Premiers of Victoria.

Anna has considerable experience in regulatory issues across many policy areas, including in agricultural and mining regulatory and approvals frameworks. She has also held a number of board positions in the government and not for profit sectors. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Melbourne School of Government at the University of Melbourne. 


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