Red Tape Unit

Red Tape Issues

The Red Tape Commissioner works with Victoria’s business community, not-for-profit organisations and the Government to identify opportunities to cut red tape and improve regulation.

The Red Tape Unit, which is now part of OCBR, supports the work of the Red Tape Commissioner in providing advice to government on opportunities to reduce red tape.

The Red Tape Commissioner looks for opportunities to:

  • improve regulators’ dealings with business, including compliance and enforcement;
  • cut regulatory overlap and duplicated reporting requirements;
  • identify ‘hotspots’ where regulatory reform efforts can be focused; and
  • improve how regulators administer the regulations for which they are responsible.

Some examples of regulatory burden frequently raised with the Commissioner include:

  • excessive paperwork;
  • delays in approvals;
  • excessive or unnecessary information requests;
  • duplicated requests for similar information by different regulators;
  • excessive regulatory rules and complicated processes that stop you getting things done;
  • inconsistent and overlapping approaches by regulators; and
  • poorly-designed regulations.

Inquiries can be submitted to or through the short online form.