Tell us your red tape issue

The form below can be used to make a submission to the Red Tape Commissioner. To help the Commissioner understand your issue and find out if she can help, please provide a few lines of detail on the problem and how it affects your business. We will contact you to acknowledge that we have received your issue and collect further information.

Before making a submission, ensure the following applies to you:

  • you are a business, or work for a business experiencing the issue;
  • you have an issue with a Victorian regulator (government department or agency);
  • you have tried to engage the regulator directly – but were unsuccessful in progressing the issue; and
  • the issue is not part of current legal proceedings.

Some further information on the scope of our work:

  • We can engage with agencies that administer regulations at a senior level.
  • We can provide advice to agencies about red tape reduction opportunities.
  • We will inform the Department or agencies of issues raised, seek further clarity, and work with them on red tape reductions wherever possible.

Your personal details will not be shared with other government agencies without your consent.

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