The Victorian Regulatory System 2008

The presentation of core operational and performance information on Victorian regulators in a single consolidated volume supports the Government’s regulatory reform agenda. It does so by identifying areas of potential regulatory overlap and duplication as well as areas of regulatory best practice.

The 69 business regulators in Victoria cover a broad range of sectors, ranging from workplace and food safety to the environment, health, gambling and construction, which directly or indirectly affect all Victorians. The analysis in the report distinguishes between 20 major regulators and the 49 other regulators. These major regulators account for 50 per cent of the 2.3 million business licences issued per annum in Victoria as well as 80 per cent of the 7800 staff employed and 70 per cent of the annual expenditure by regulators in Victoria.

Title Publication Date Type Download
VRS 2008 (Complete PDF) 25 Jun 2008 Report
Data Files 25 Jun 2008 Reference