The Victorian Regulatory System 2013

The Victorian Regulatory System (VRS) contains detailed data on regulatory performance, enabling government, regulated parties and other stakeholders to identify potential areas of regulatory overlap and duplication, compare regulatory structures to identify areas of best practice and areas for improvement, and provide more informed feedback on regulatory matters.

Key themes from the analysis of the Victorian regulatory system in 2013 include:

  • Victoria’s regulatory framework and the activities of Victoria’s regulators have been stable since the previous edition of the VRS.
  • The number of regulators included in this report has reduced, as some previously state-based regulatory responsibilities have moved to the Commonwealth. Some regulators included in the previous edition have also merged.
  • The number of pages of legislation and regulation enforced by Victoria’s regulators has remained stable since 2011.
  • The provision of online information on, and access to, licensing and registration processes has increased since 2011.
  • The survey returns indicate that a number of regulators are working together to reduce the administrative burden through formal agreements with other Victorian or Commonwealth regulators.
  • There has been an increase in performance reporting on the timeliness of regulatory procedures.
Title Publication Date Type Download
VRS 2013 (Complete PDF) 2 Sep 2013 Report
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Preliminaries 2 Sep 2013 Report
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Glossary 2 Sep 2013 Report
Regulator Profiles - Heading Page 2 Sep 2013 Report
Regulator Entries - 01 to 12 2 Sep 2013 Report
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